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How the Tenant Fees Act will affect tenancy deposits

Our guide to how the Tenant Fees Act will affect tenancy deposits provides landlords and letting agents with all they need to know about the act and how it will affect tenancy deposits including details on the legislation, top tips...

Letterbox magazine - Issue 1

Click here to read issue 1 or TDS' member magazine, Letterbox.

ADR Rules

Our ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) rules are available here.

Deposit deductions template

This document has been prepared to set out clearly the deductions that the landlord proposes to make from the tenancy deposit. The document itself is an approved template issued by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme which requires landlords to be explicit about...

How to protect a deposit

A screen-by-screen guide to adding a deposit protection.

Adjudication Digest August 2018 - I Can See Clearly Now

In this month’s Adjudication Digest, we look at a case where using TDS’ deduction template helped support a deposit claim.

Testing, testing!

In this month’s issue of the Adjudication Digest, we look at an example of how clearly recording the condition of household items at the start of a tenancy can support a deposit claim.

Quick guide: How to get your deposit back (tenants)

An overview of the repayment process and top tips.

Guide to Deposits, Disputes and Damages

An overview of evidence and adjudication principles.

Letterbox magazine - Issue 2

Our Letterbox Magazine, launched in Autumn 2016, brings news and guidance to our members on all-things tenancy deposits.

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