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Which deposits must be protected?

Any deposit on a private tenancy received on or after 1 April 2013 must be protected in a government approved scheme.

How to submit evidence

A screen-by-screen guide to submitting evidence.

Does deposit protection end automatically?

You can find our insured scheme here.
Insured:   Yes. If you do not inform us otherwise, we will assume the tenancy has ended on the expected end date given when you protected the deposit, and protection will end. If...

What are the penalties for non-compliance with deposit protection law?

The tenant can raise an action against the landlord and ask the court to award the tenant between one and three times the value of the deposit. 
Non-compliance with deposit protection can also affect the landlord's ability to end...

How do I protect a tenancy deposit?

To start you need to become a member of TDS. You can do this online and there is no joining fee.
There are two ways to protect a deposit, custodial and insured. 
Insured:  You hold the deposit - you...

What should I do if the tenancy becomes periodic?

You can find our  insured scheme here .
In the insured scheme,  if it continues as a statutory periodic tenancy with no material changes to the agreement (such as rent or tenants) please login before the end of the fixed...

Deposit Cap Solution

This guide sets out the deposit cap requirements for landlords and agents in England after 1 st June 2019.

What if the tenancy renews with a new fixed term?

You can find our  insured scheme here.
If protected with the insured scheme, you need to protect the deposit afresh. In the 'tenancy outcome' section select 'renew' and you will be able to protect the deposit again. 
No action...

What are the TDS rules?

Users of the TDS must follow our scheme rules. Download a PDF of TDS Scheme Rules  here . 

How does TDS actually protect deposits?

Insured protection:  The landlord or agent holds the deposit and we have insurance covering it. If the landlord or agent fails to pay money that they owe, we can refund the tenant and claim it from our insurance. We pursue...

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