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How TDS approaches damage disputes

Key principles in our approach to damage.

How to use the deposit deductions template

TDS has produced an editable PDF of the template which means that you can type your responses directly into the form and save this as your own document. Once it has been agreed it can be sent to your tenants...

Antique damage

The Adjudication Digest takes a recent decision by a TDS Adjudicator and sets out the reasoning behind the decision. The aim of these Digest reports is to help tenants, landlords and agents better understand how we make our adjudication decisions....

How TDS approaches cleaning disputes

Key principles in our approach to cleaning.

Adjudication Digest July 2018 - Rent

This month's digest looks at a case where the landlord claimed the full deposit, for rent arrears, challenging the validity of the notice served by the tenant.

Guidance to completing your statutory declaration

If you have requested repayment of the deposit through TDS Custodial and the other party has not responded, you must complete a statutory declaration before we can release the deposit to you.

Complaints procedure

The service we provide our customers is important to us and we work hard to ensure that the service you received from TDS is of a high standard.
However, we would like to hear from you if you are...

How TDS approaches redecoration disputes

Key principles in our approach to redecoration.

Letterbox magazine - Issue 1

Click here to read issue 1 or TDS' member magazine, Letterbox.

How the Tenant Fees Act will affect tenancy deposits

Our guide to how the Tenant Fees Act will affect tenancy deposits provides landlords and letting agents with all they need to know about the act and how it will affect tenancy deposits including details on the legislation, top tips...

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