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#AskTDS: Student tenant tips - First time renting? Act now and don't lose your deposit later

| 6 December 2019

The new term has started, and so have lots of new tenancies.

If you are renting for the first time it can be easy to forget about your tenancy deposit until it comes to moving out. You've never been faced with realising that what you've done, or not done, during your tenancy can cost you money from your deposit when you leave!

Making sure you get it back hangs on what you do from the day you move in, so here is some advice from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme on what to do now so you don't lose your deposit later.

#ExpertView: Claiming for Antique Items

| 4 December 2019

In this week’s #ExpertView, TDS’ Head of TDS adjudication services Sandy Bastin outlines some best practice when antique or sentimentally valuable items are damaged.

#AskTDS Monkey Business in the Garden

| 29 November 2019

Do your tenants ever give you problems with gorillas in the garden? Probably not - Disputes involving gardens appear in a little over 15% of the tenancy deposit disputes we manage but even fewer involve gorillas! Nonetheless they have occurred in the past which goes to show that considering all the details in a tenancy agreement and the inventory documents is so important. This was the outcome of that adjudication…

Press Release: TDS Charitable Foundation Awards £293,000 of Funding

| 27 November 2019

TDS Charitable Foundation publishes 2019 Charitable Annual Review.
Foundation has given nearly £300k of grants to UK organisations over the past year.

#ExpertView: Tenant Fees Act - When is a deposit not a deposit?

| 26 November 2019

In a previous TDS article, we focussed on the registration and service of tenancy deposit protection documents too early; this seems to be recurring enquiry that our customer team experience. It’s not just the Localism Act1 2011 that clarified the updated requirement of the TDP legalisation, but the Tenant Fees Act 2019 has seems to have set the hare running once again, in England particularly.

#AskTDS: "How does TDS engage with landlords and agents?"

| 22 November 2019

TDS’ #AskTDS blog series answers a tenant, landlord or agent’s question. This week, John King, Head of Member Services at Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) answers an agent’s question:

"How does TDS engage with landlords and agents?"

#ExpertView: John King, Head of Member Services at TDS discusses The Christmas Clean-up

| 19 November 2019

This week on #ExpertView, our Head of Member Services, John King, considers a seasonal case that TDS have seen involving pine needles left over from a tenant’s Christmas tree and how a decision was reached by the adjudicator.

#AskTDS: "I paid a deposit to my agent last week and didn't receive a receipt. Is my deposit protected?"

| 15 November 2019

This article has been written in response to a tenant's query: “I paid a deposit to my agent last week and didn't receive a receipt. Is my deposit protected?”

#ExpertView: Sheraz Dar, CEO of CreditLadder discusses 'How rent reporting is improving future prospects for tenants'

| 12 November 2019

Tenancy and technology go hand-in-hand these days. It seems a long time ago that rental properties were only listed in estate agent windows.

#AskTDS: "Tenancy Deposit protection - tips for tenants - Tenant Fees Act 2019 (England) & Renting Homes (Fees Etc.) (Wales) Act 2019"

| 8 November 2019

The requirement on landlords to protect tenancy deposits in England & Wales has been in existence since 6 April 2007 and along the way there have been some tweaks and changes to the Tenancy Deposit Protection legislation, there is also new legalisation which makes it vitally important for tenants to know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to tenancy deposits. Being clued up from the start will help avoid problems for everyone at the end of the tenancy; so here is some tips for guidance on what to do when renting your home.

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