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#AskTDS: "The tenant can't give me an address for after the tenancy ends. How do I complete the Prescribed Information?"

| 17 January 2020

This article has been written in response to an Agent's query: “The tenant can't give me an address for after the tenancy ends. How do I complete the Prescribed Information?”

#AskTDS: Student tenant tips - First time renting? Act now and don't lose your deposit later

| 6 December 2019

The new term has started, and so have lots of new tenancies.

If you are renting for the first time it can be easy to forget about your tenancy deposit until it comes to moving out. You've never been faced with realising that what you've done, or not done, during your tenancy can cost you money from your deposit when you leave!

Making sure you get it back hangs on what you do from the day you move in, so here is some advice from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme on what to do now so you don't lose your deposit later.

#ExpertView: Claiming for Antique Items

| 4 December 2019

In this week’s #ExpertView, TDS’ Head of TDS adjudication services Sandy Bastin outlines some best practice when antique or sentimentally valuable items are damaged.

#AskTDS: What constitutes as “clean”?

| 4 April 2019

In this week’s #AskTDS, TDS’ Director of Dispute Resolution, Michael Morgan, answers the question ‘What constitutes as “clean”?’

#ExpertView: How TDS is helping to reduce deposit disputes

| 22 January 2019

The overwhelming majority of tenancies end amicably, but sometimes disputes do happen. In this week’s #ExpertView, TDS Adjudicator Michael Hill explains how TDS is working to prevent disputes.

#ExpertView: New Year tenancy resolutions

| 31 December 2018

New Year’s resolutions are often hard to stick to, but if you’re going to maintain one in 2019, make it our best practice for ending a resolution that could see you receive your full tenancy deposit back in your pocket.

#ExpertView: The tenant’s guide to ending a tenancy

| 9 October 2018

John King, Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s (TDS) Director of Customer Services, gives tenants advice on best practice for ending a tenancy.

#ExpertView: The student guide to deposits

| 11 September 2018

In this week’s #ExpertView, John King, Director of Customer Service provides new and returning students with a quick guide to the world of tenancy deposits.

#ExpertView: Why Tenancy Deposit Protection needs to stay

| 14 August 2018

TDS Chief Executive Steve Harriott sets out the case for maintaining the existing model of tenancy deposit protection.

#ExpertView: Landlord Legal Changes in 2018 - Rent Repayment Orders

| 17 July 2018

In this week’s #ExpertView, Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law discusses Rent Repayment Orders and the recent changes which can affect landlords and tenants.

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