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#AskTDS: What constitutes as “clean”?

| 4 April 2019

In this week’s #AskTDS, TDS’ Director of Dispute Resolution, Michael Morgan, answers the question ‘What constitutes as “clean”?’

#ExpertView: How TDS is helping to reduce deposit disputes

| 22 January 2019

The overwhelming majority of tenancies end amicably, but sometimes disputes do happen. In this week’s #ExpertView, TDS Adjudicator Michael Hill explains how TDS is working to prevent disputes.

#ExpertView: New Year tenancy resolutions

| 31 December 2018

New Year’s resolutions are often hard to stick to, but if you’re going to maintain one in 2019, make it our best practice for ending a resolution that could see you receive your full tenancy deposit back in your pocket.

#ExpertView: The tenant’s guide to ending a tenancy

| 9 October 2018

John King, Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s (TDS) Director of Customer Services, gives tenants advice on best practice for ending a tenancy.

#ExpertView: The student guide to deposits

| 11 September 2018

In this week’s #ExpertView, John King, Director of Customer Service provides new and returning students with a quick guide to the world of tenancy deposits.

#ExpertView: Why Tenancy Deposit Protection needs to stay

| 14 August 2018

TDS Chief Executive Steve Harriott sets out the case for maintaining the existing model of tenancy deposit protection.

#ExpertView: Landlord Legal Changes in 2018 - Rent Repayment Orders

| 17 July 2018

In this week’s #ExpertView, Tessa Shepperson of Landlord Law discusses Rent Repayment Orders and the recent changes which can affect landlords and tenants.

Lifecycle of a Deposit Week with Property Tribes

| 2 July 2018

Last week, Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) featured in six articles spanning the majority of the week. Each day a new article was uploaded to show the full lifecycle of a deposit.

#ExpertView: Claiming for antique items

| 29 May 2018

In this week’s #ExpertView, TDS’ director of dispute resolution, Michael Morgan uses the recently published May Adjudication Digest to outline best practice when antique or sentimentally valuable items are damaged.

#AskTDS: “Can I make a deduction for my tenant changing the garden?”

| 25 May 2018

Gardening can be a thorny issue when it comes to deposit disputes.

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