How do I raise a dispute?

The dispute process can be completed online. You can begin a dispute after the tenancy has ended.

The way to start a dispute depends on whether the deposit is protected with the custodial or insured scheme. 

If TDS holds your deposit it is protected using our custodial scheme and the following information will apply.

If one party responds disagreeing with the other party's repayment request we will expect you to contact the agent/landlord to negotiate and try to reach agreement. During this period you can still update the repayment request for us to release the money before referring your case to an adjudicator.

If you don't reach agreement within 10 working days the parties will be invited to upload evidence online with an explanation of the case for an impartial adjudicator to examine. You have a further 10 working days to do this and once both parties have uploaded their evidence an adjudicator will decide how the deposit is to be divided.

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