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In the custodial scheme, your deposit will not be repaid automatically, even if your landlord has told us there are no deductions. You need to login and submit your request or response and give us your bank details.

As we do not know when a tenancy will end, we will not send you a reminder about this. We will only start communicating with you after we have received a repayment request from the tenant or letting agent.

Before starting the repayment process, you should speak with your landlord/letting agent to find out if they are looking to make any deductions and try to come to an agreement. Either you or the landlord/letting agent can then start the repayment process.

If you shared with other people, you should also speak to the other joint tenants. One tenant will be listed as the lead tenant and they will be responsible for starting the repayment process or responding to the landlord/agent’s repayment request.

You can find out who the lead tenant is on the Deposit Protection Certificate that was sent to you when the deposit was first protected with TDS Custodial.

Even though only the lead tenant is able to submit or respond to a repayment request, all tenants that are due a portion of the deposit must login to their individual account to add bank details. We cannot make a repayment until your payment details are logged in our system.


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